ESB "Safer at Home" Guidelines

Effective June 1, 2020 Until Further Notice

- Curbside drop-off and pick-up only.  We will need to keep the entryway, the changing area, and the waiting room clear to allow students to get ready with adequate space between them.  Siblings from the same household will be allowed to be in the entryway and the waiting room at the same time.  For our youngest Pre-Ballet, we will make exceptions as needed but will limit the people in the entryway to one family at a time.


- All students will wear a mask or face covering upon arrival because during the changing and preparing for class is when they are most likely to be near other students.  For Pre-Ballet, we know that some of the little ones may not be able to do that so that will be up to parents.  Students are welcome to wear face coverings during instruction.  That can be difficult during strenuous activities so that will be a parent's decision.


- All students must use hand disinfectant and/or wash their hands upon arrival and at the end of class.


- Parents are asked to not bring any student showing any signs of illness. Please notify us immediately of any COVID-19 positives in your household.  Obviously, this is only a request - we understand that health information is private.


- Instead of 15 minutes between classes, it will be 30 minutes so that we can wipe down the barres, etc.


- No "partner" work.  We will not have students touch each other and will do our best to keep them a safe distance apart.

- Class size will be limited to ensure adequate spacing.