Make the Craziest/Beautiful/ most Amazing Bun You Can!


Rules: must start from a ponytail, and must endure two consecutive turns (ex. Double pirouette, 2 chenes, 2 sutenues, 2 spins of any kind) without the “bun” falling out. That’s it!




Can people help me: Yes!


Does it have to be my hair: No!  As long as you were the leader in the idea (you could do a bun on your dog if you want).


How do I participate?   Email us up to three pics of your Bun with a name of your bun and a short video of up to 30 seconds with you (or your bun victim) turning twice.


When Is it due?  This week’s challenge is due by noon Saturday, March 28th.  Winners will be announced Sunday.


Can I enter more than one bun? Yes, up to three entries per student.

Week 1 Winner

Cora and Princess Leia



Make a cool cardboard craft.  Send us picture(s) by noon on Saturday, April 4th to enter.