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Hair, Costume, and Make-up Info for "Winter Wonderland"

SHOW ORDER:  (Many dancers are in more than one number, so please go over the order of their dances with them).  We have someone helping with changes backstage, but dancers should be as Independent as possible.

1.Ice Skaters (Ballet 2)

2.Bakers (Pre-Ballet)  After their scene, the Pre-Ballet class will go to the front row of the theater to watch the rest of the show.

3.Giving Thanks (Advanced Contemporary)

4.Building a Snowman (Ballet 1)

5.Snow (Ballet 3 and Ballet 1-Tuesday Afternoon)

6.Santa, Reindeer,and Doll (Beginning Ballet)

7.Decorating the Tree (Ballet 1/2)

8.Nutty Nutcracker (Ballet 3)

9.Maos Tzur (Basic Contemporary)

10.Let It Snow - Finales (all cast)


We are sharing this because dancers and their parents take care of their own costumes, hair, and make-up prior to the show and rehearsals.  Jean Walker will be on hand to assist with hair and make-up.  


Hair, makeup, and costume details:


Pre-ballet (Bakers)

- Costume: Pink skirt, apron, baker hat.  Please wear pink tights, a black sleeveless leotard (we sell them if you need one), and pink ballet shoes (ties tucked in).

- Hair: a bun or any style as long as it is pulled away from their face (so many of them have short hair) so this time since they are wearing a hat you can wear it however you like. We will need to pin hats down securely though so they don’t fall off.

- Makeup: stage makeup is worn so the dancers' faces don’t look washed out to the audience. I require the older girls to wear full stage makeup. At this age do what they are willing to let you do (some pink blush, lipstick or gloss, some eyeshadow).  You are of course welcome to do full stage makeup including mascara, eyeliner and foundation if your dancer is willing but not required.


I will have the first 2 rows of seats reserved for pre-ballet and family, after they perform we will bring them to the front row to watch the rest of the show and then we will bring them up for bows at the end.


Beginning Ballet (reindeer, Santa, doll)

- Costume:  Reindeer: reindeer tutu, antler headband (make sure this is securely pinned down) and brown gloves.  Please wear pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and black camisole leotard underneath.

- Makeup: regular stage makeup (at least lipstick, blush, and pink or plum colored eyeshadow) mascara and eyeliner if they will let you. Please draw on a black nose with eyeliner (we will try this in class)

- Hair: slick hair with bun on the crown of the head


Santa:  Costume: Santa suit with a white T-shirt underneath, Santa hat, belt, red gloves, black ballet shoes



- Costume: doll dress and crown (securely pinned) wear pink pink tights and pink ballet shoes

- Makeup: full stage makeup

- Hair: “stage” bun



Ballet 1 (kids building a snowman)

- Boys: hats, red gloves, grey sweatshirt, black pants, black ballet shoes

- Girls: hats, red gloves, white sweatshirt, black Leo and tights under, 2 red skirts, pink ballet shoes

- Hair: bun that will stay in the hat

- Makeup: full stage makeup


Ballet 2: Ice Skaters

- Asher: purple shirt, black pants, black hat, black gloves, black ballet shoes

- Peyton: purple Leo, black gloves, black headband, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

- Hair: Girls“stage”bun

- Makeup: Full stage makeup (fake eyelashes)

Cora, Alice, Genevieve, Immaculae:

- Costumes: purple Leo and skirt, tan headband (flier on the right hand side) purple mittens, pink tights and ballet shoes

- Makeup: Full stage makeup (fake eyelashes are optional)

- Hair: “stage” bun


Ballet 1/2: (Decorating the Tree)

- Costumes: holiday dress and headpiece (make sure crowns are securely pinned down) Pink tights and pink ballet shoes (wear your black leotard underneath if your dress doesn’t have an attached leotard).

- Makeup: full stage makeup (fake eyelashes are optional)

- Bright lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner (foundation if you want)

- Hair: slick “stage” bun (no wispiness)


Ballet 1 Homeschool: (mini snow)

- Costumes: white tutu dress with white underwear or nude camisole underneath, arm poofs, white flower crown, pink tights, pink ballet shoes

- Makeup: full stage makeup

- Hair: “stage bun” I think the headpiece works best if the bun is at the crown of the head


Ballet 3: “Nutty Nutcracker”

- They all know their costumes.  *Asher needs a long sleeve white shirt for under his “grandpa vest” and kkaki colored or grey pants

- Girls: Full stage makeup with fake eyelashes


Ballet 3: Snow

- Costumes: white tutu, bodice, arm poofs, headpiece

- Makeup: Full stage with fake eyelashes

- Hair: “stage” bun, crown of the head


Basic Contemporary: Maos Tzur

- Costume: blue costume, wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes, white ribbon around bun

- Makeup: Full stage

- Hair: “stage” bun


Adv contemporary:

- Costume: They have them.  *They all need black booty shorts underneath

- Hair: bun

- Makeup: full stage

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