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1. Parents are welcome to observe all instruction but we ask you not to interfere with or distract the dancers.  Our littlest dancers can be especially distracted by having a parent present. If you have any questions, we are happy to discuss those in private after the class is over.

2. Photos are allowed, however please only photograph your own child and avoid disrupting the class or distracting the students.  No flash photos. 

3.  The dance floor has a Marley surface to prevent slipping.  At no time may anyone be on the dance floor unless they are wearing clean ballet shoes, socks, or bare feet.  No street shoes or chewing gum, ever.

4.  We take your child's safety very seriously.  Ms. Marshall and Mr. Palmatier have both completed the process to serve as Jefferson County teachers and have passed background checks.

5.  We will not publicize the name of your child without your permission.  We ask you to observe the same policy in your social media postings.

6.  Ballet shoes are designed to reduce the chance of slipping and make for a higher level of hygiene (we clean the floor each day, but not between classes).  Therefore, we require ballet shoes for all classes.  If your dancer forgets their ballet shoes, they may take the class in socks but this is not recommended because they can easily slip.

7.  We strongly recommend a free lesson and placement evaluation prior to starting dance instruction.  We can assist you in selecting the right size of shoes and other attire, and answer your questions.

8.  Payment for the first month of classes is due upon enrollment.    After that, tuition is due on the first day of the month (we will send you an invoice).  Students are automatically re-enrolled for the next month on the 20th of the preceding month).  Failure to notify us of disenrollment will result in a $20 charge.  This is necessary so we can accept new students who may be on a waiting list.  You will be able to pay securely online or by check made out to THP Music Consultants, LLC.

9. If classes are to be cancelled because of inclement weather or some other reason, we will send out emails/texts and also put a notice on this website.  Make-ups will be arranged if possible.

10.  If you do not intend to attend a class, please let us know in advance if possible.  This will help us start classes on time and not be waiting for those who won't be there.  We will help you to schedule a make-up class if possible but there will be no refund of tuition.

11.  Upon arriving, dancers should change into the proper attire and sit and stretch quietly so as not to disturb ongoing instruction.

12.  Parents are welcome to do some shopping but we ask you to return before the end of class.

13.  Click here for attire policies.

14.  By using the free wi-fi you acknowledge the Evergreen School of Ballet has no responsibility for network security.

15.  No peanuts please.  We provide free filtered water.  

16.  Tuition is for a calendar month.  In the case of a mid-month enrollment, tuition will be prorated.

17.  By enrolling at ESB, you agree to hold ESB and its employees blameless for any injuries sustained during dance instruction.

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