Fall 2020
Pre - Ballet 1

Ages 2.5-3.  No previous training. Emphasis is on basic ballet positions, steps, and creative movement.  Includes some tumbling/gymnastics.   Offered 10:00-10:40 on Monday. 

     $45/month for one weekly class

Pre - Ballet 2 with Arts and Crafts and Gymnastics

Ages 4-5.  Little or no previous training. Emphasis is on basic ballet positions, steps, and creative movement.  There will be a short snack break followed by an arts & crafts or gymnastics activity related to the dance instruction.  Offered 1:30-2:50 on Thursday.  

     $75/month for one weekly class 


Beginning Ballet
Ages 5-8 (older dancers are welcome, but generally, the instruction will be aimed at this age group).  Basic ballet technique, stretching, and vocabulary with little or no prior training.  Offered Wednesday, 4:15-5:05.

     $55/month for one weekly class


Ballet 1
Ages 6-10. Developing ballet technique and combinations, stretching, and vocabulary with 2-3 years prior training.  Offered Monday, 4:15-5:15.  


Ballet 2
Ages 7-12.  Beginner-intermediate.  3-4 years prior training. Two classes/week required.  Offered 4:15-5:15 Tuesday and Thursday.


Ballet 3 and Pre-Pointe/Pointe
Ages 8 and up. Intermediate. 4-5 years prior training. Three ballet classes/week (not including Pointe) required.   Offered 5:30-6:30 on Monday, 6:45-7:45 on Tuesday (guest instructor), 5:20-6:30 on Wednesday (required class for all Ballet 3), 5:30-6:30 on Thursday, and 4:15-5:15 Friday.  Friday classes will be en pointe.  


Adult Ballet

All levels of prior training are welcome.  Offered 9:30-10:30 on Tuesday. 


Tuition for Ballet Classes (except Pre-Ballet and Beginning Ballet)

     $65/month for one weekly ballet class

     $105/month for two weekly ballet classes

     $140/month for three weekly ballet classes

     $170/month for four weekly ballet classes

​Basic/Intermediate Contemporary Ballet
Incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance.  Ages 7 and up unless approved by instructor.  Previous ballet experience required.  Offered 5:30-6:30 on Tuesday.


​Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary Ballet
Incorporates elements of classical ballet and modern dance.  Ages 9 and up.  Previous ballet experience required.  Offered 6:45-7:45 on Thursday.  Guest Instructor.


Stretch and Conditioning
Open to ages 6 and up.  This is a specialized class designed for dancers who really want to take their training to the next level. The concentration will be on improving flexibility and strengthening all muscle groups needed for dance.  This is also a great class for gymnasts, skaters, martial artists, and athletes of all types and all ages.  Offered 5:30-6:30 on Friday.


Tuition for Contemporary and Stretch and Conditioning Classes

     $65/month for one weekly class (with no ballet)

     $25/month if taking one weekly ballet class

     $20/month if taking two weekly ballet classes

     $15/month if taking three weekly ballet classes

     $10/month if taking four or more weekly ballet classes

 One Lesson Walk-in

     $25 per class ($30 for Pre-Ballet 1, $20 for Pre-Ballet 2)

Private/Semi-Private Instruction
Private sessions for those wanting a more intensive experience focused on the dancer's needs.  Open to all ages and ability levels.  By appointment only.

     $70 per hour

     $50 per hour discounted rate for current ESB dancers

     $30 per hour each for semi-private (two students)

Unlimited Classes (Great Value!)
For more advanced dancers wishing to progress at a rapid rate, we offer unlimited lessons.  This is available only for dancers in Ballet 3.    In addition to all Ballet 3, Pointe, Contemporary, and Stretch & Conditioning classes, they are allowed to attend Ballet 2 if space is available.




-  5% for two students from the same family

-  10% for three or more students from the same family

-  10% for Active Duty military families

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