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Principal Dancers of

"I Dream of Genie"

​Live performance is at the very heart of the art of ballet.  While dancers derive many physical, emotional, and social benefits from their classes, their instruction needs to culminate in live performance.  When dancers give their very best in a performance it builds confidence and exposes them to the incredible sensation of having created something of beauty and sharing it with others.


We will stage two performances each year.  One of these will be before the winter holiday break and the other near the end of the school year.  The exact design of those performances will be determined by the number and ability of the students.


I believe dancers (and audiences) of all ages enjoy a production with a storyline and characters, rather than a recital of unrelated dances.  Most rehearsals for the performances will be during their weekly lessons and serve as a capstone learning experience for each class.  Participation in the performances will often require purchase or rental of costumes.  Depending upon the nature of the production, we may also ask for volunteer "Dance Moms," "Dance Dads," and other "Dance Angels" to help with lighting, props, and other stage management needs. 

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